Sunday, 18 August 2019

Vulnerability - Sinful Sunday

Woke up feeling vulnerable this morning, dating is still as hard as I remember it was when I had youth on my side

Sinful Sunday

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Everything Happens For A Reason (And Actions Have Consequences)

I hadn't planned to do an entry for the Food For Thought Friday  'Words To Live By' but here I sit on a Sunday morning after a flood of thoughts deluged me during sleep.

I've always thought the saying 'Everything Happens For A Reason' was just that but during unsettled moments of sleep I started wondering. *note* I took a break to have a shave and realised that I need to add the saying 'Every Action Has A Consequence' to this as they are interlinked

Life is a game of decisions, some are simple, others are gut-wrenching hard. These decisions are sometimes thrust upon us requiring a quick response, or they are the result of research, discussion and debate.

These decisions however minor affect us down to the lowest level of our subconscious, and we may not even be aware of them. For example you may decide to skip your morning coffee/tea and breakfast. No big deal, or is it? That simple decision leads to mid morning hunger, making it difficult to concentrate on an important presentation, leading to key details missed, leading to someone else getting what you'd worked hard for.

Scary isn't it? Now apply that same train of thought to the sexual/sensual side of your life and see how far back you can go.

I can trace my journey back to 1984 when as a shy and somewhat geeky teen I viewed my first (hardcore) pornographic magazine. If I hadn't seen the pages of that small book I'm not sure I'd be sat here writing this. It sparked my curiosity into sex which has led me to where I am today.

I won't go into the fine details as I'm in the process of adding a bio to my blog which features this.

So my conclusion is, yes everything happens for a reason. Not always obvious reasons but it happens.


food for thought friday

Monday, 5 August 2019

F4TFriday - Taboo

There are many things that are considered taboo, but none moreso than acts of sexual fetish. These are looked upon as the realm of perverts, freaks and degenerates. And so I hold my hands up and say quite proudly "I'm a perverted degenerate freak".

To be clearer I'm a freak who likes Urolagnia - 'sexual pleasure from urine/urination' or in more common terms 'Watersports, golden showers or piss play'. Add to this the joy of desperation and wetting and I'm up there in the list of pure and utter filth.

Many of you are already going eewww, yuck and making other noises to that effect. I get it, I really do, you're thinking how could someone get pleasure from waste bodily fluids? Simple, the same way others get pleasure from spanking, slapping, fisting etc., we are all different in what we like.

Looking back I realise that unknowingly my parents contribute to my openminded state. Mum was never one to worry about popping in to use the toilet if we were in the bath/shower or just washing ourselves at the sink. Many a time my parents admitted to "borrrowing" my stash of porn magazines and video tapes.

I'm still not 100% sure when I got into it, although I'm fairly certain it was my late teens/early 20s. As for how that's a simple one, intrigue. If I find something intriguing and want to know more I'll look it up on the internet, it's how I learnt to make women squirt and gush. Back then though we didn't have the internet as it is now but we did have porn magazines. Initially I found an occasional 'hardcore' magazine that featured girls peeing and found it oddly alluring. As time went on I actively sought out those magazines that featured it more and discovered more about it. The images were stylish and sexual but I was still intrigued and wanted to see it in action.

The next step of my journey was finding videos, not an easy task in the UK due to the censorship rules. Eventually a trip to Amsterdam paid dividends when a 4 pack of tapes we purchased had several pee scenes.These tapes were used sparingly when we were feeling particularly horny (or at least I was), but sadly they met their demise when the video machine chewed up each one in succession.

One evening my partner at the time was feeling particularly horny and we started taking naughty pics as you do. As the evening wore on and we drank more she started fidgeting and suddenly said "get the towels and plastic sheet". I didn't hesitate to do just this as I realised it was possibly the only opportunity I would get for a while. I laid the sheet and towels down and she got on her haunches so I started taking pics. I got the occasional splash and found this to be a bigger turn on than expected, feeling brave I pushed my luck and licked her when she stopped and also enjoyed the taste. From then on I was hooked.

Nowadays I've had very little opportunity to explore this due to being single for 4 years as I write this. I still look at the videos online and the ones I've purchase but I also view them for some of the artistry, and the way they use lighting to full effect to make it incredily sexy and sensual.

So yes I'm a Pee Freak and looking for another Pee Freak for fun and photos.

 food for thought friday

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Sinful Sunday

Early morning coffee

My first try at a Sinful Sunday. Prompted to put the camera on the floor I had to think where best to place it. Not the best pic but it's a start

Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

A Kinky Poem

Several years back I put a small piece of poetry on my fetlife profile. Today I felt the urge to revisit that and embellish it more in an attempt to push myself.


Trembling from that first clumsy contact
Trembling from that first hello
Trembling from that first eye contact
Trembling from that first kiss
Trembling from that first touch
Trembling from the teasing
Trembling from the first restraint
Trembling from the removal of clothing
Trembling from the first sting from the hand
Trembling from the second sting from the crop
Trembling from the caress of the welts after
Trembling with anticipation from the pleasure about to be received
Trembling from the release
Trembling from the submission given
Trembling from fear of rejection
Don't ever stop trembling for me

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Friday, 8 July 2011

Birthday Fun

Sunday Fun
As it was my birthday on the Friday I had arranged to meet my lady friend on the Sunday for some fun with the agreement of my wife. She herself was out the previous weekend, had her new tattoo started on the Wednesday and also had a photoshoot on the Saturday. When Sunday arrived I made sure she was still happy for me to go and assured her I would not be too late back.

Arriving at my friends I was greeted at the door with her in a dressing gown and received a birthday kiss before being led to the kitchen to get a drink after the journey. Drinks were poured and we chatted about the previous week before heading to the bedroom for the start of the fun. She showed me her recent purchases and was especially pleased with the over the door cuffs she had bought. I removed her dressing gown and laid her on the bed teasing her through the sexy underwear she was wearing.

Removing her underwear I started to tease her with my fingers and some playful slaps to her pussy before nibbling on her nipples. She started to squirm on the bed and asked for more so the slaps to her pussy became harder and the fingers thrust inside her deeper, finding the magic spot I made her gush for the first of many. Unable to resist I teased her pussy with my cock before pulling away to reach for the crop. After a few playful slaps I increased the force making her feel them more and adding a glow to her. Unable to control herself she asked if I was going to use the crop anywhere else. Seeing this as the signal for more I made her crouch on all fours and delivered a few hard strokes to her ass leaving the pattern of the crop there.

The spanking was not over but I opted to treat her to my cock and let her suck on me for a bit as I decided how to pleasure her next. She eagerly put her tongue and mouth to use turned on by the spankings that were to come. After several minutes she hinted at wanting more spanking with not only the crop but also the paddle she kept in the drawer. However before I delivered the next series of blows I probed her pussy with my tongue bringing her to orgasm. As she shuddered I told her to stand up against the wall and added a few more marks to her ass with both implements. At this point I could see that she still wanted more and lead her to the door and used the cuffs hanging down from it. Seeing her helpless against the door just added to the scene so I also slap her inner thighs with the crop before adding more marks to her ass making it glow nicely.

After what seemed like an age I released her from her bonds and we lay back on the bed teasing each other. She reached for my cock and started to work her mouth on it again. However I was in the mood for something different and offered to help cool her ass down. Leading her to the bathroom I noticed some candles which I lit and then made her stand in the bath with her back to me. Standing behind her I proceeded to piss over her ass directing it at the red marks but also aiming at her pussy as well. She was very grateful for this and proceeded to suck me again as I stood there.

Picking up the candles we headed back to the bedroom where she proceeded to suck me some more before asking for me to fuck her. Laying her down I started to thrust into her slowly at first building up momentum until I was thrusting hard enough to make her gasp with each thrust. Cum for me she asked and unwilling to hold back my longer I thrust hard and came deep into her. Collapsing on top of her spent I kissed her and asked if she was looking forward to more punishment. With a sly grin she looked at the candles and said "Are you going to use them now?"

Before reaching for the candles I spotted a bottle on the floor and grabbed it. With a coy look on her face she said she had finished it the previous night. Unable to resist I parted her legs and slowly worked the neck of the bottle into her thrusting it deeper with each stroke. By now she was begging me to use the candles so I removed the bottle and grabbed the first candle dripping wax onto her breasts. Slowly working down her body with the wax I reached her pussy and saw her tense as the first drops hit. Dripping more onto her as she gasped a mix of pain and pleasure. Finally her pussy was coated in wax and further drops just created a build up so I stopped. I then started to peel the wax off again which met with more gasps.

Once the wax was removed she asked to be cuffed to the door once again but this time she wanted to be left with marks. Cuffing her to the door I reached for the crop and delivered some harder strokes, expecting her to ask me to stop but she didn't. Eventually I stopped as I knew I had done enough and she admitted that she was close to requesting me to stop. This time I asked her to kneel back on the bed as I was hard and needed more relief. Fucking her from behind ensured that she felt it properly on her red warm ass and feel it she did. My hard thrusts made her gasp but eventually I relented and fill her full of cum for a second time. Collapsing on the bed spent we realised our time was up as it was late and I had to be heading home. Kissing me goodbye at the door she said she was looking forward to the next time and receiving more punishment.

Dom Week 1

Well the first week of honing my dom skills began and what an eventful week it was. The initial tasks were set to my two subs and a special one set to my loaned sub. Simple tasks to start with to test them to see how they would fair, and how much they wanted to serve me.

The results were very pleasing as my subs enthusiastically proceeded to do the first task set and eagerly awaited the next one. Some improvisation was required at times which was expected but the results were most suitable. As the week progressed I tested them further and sometimes an unexpected twist arose which made the tasks more special with pleasing results. Finally for the last task I gave them a twist they weren't expecting, I told them to put to use everything they had learnt and be creative and come up with something to please me for my birthday. The results were very surprising and indeed pleasing. Also at the end of the week my loan sub delivered her special task which was also very pleasing.

Due to creativity and not wanting to be too repetitive I will not be tasking them everyday from now on. I will try and set them something a little more taxing which may not always be finished in a day. I'm sure there will be protests at this but this is my choice and they will like it.